Family Law/Divorce


Many families need legal assistance with family law issues. Whether drafting a pre-nuptial agreement or facing the emotional transition of divorce. Because family matters involve highly personal and sensitive concerns, finding a competent, experienced, and caring lawyer can help to not only simplify the legal process, but also make it less stressful.

Marc Chase has decades of experience as a family law practitioner and educator, with a high level of legal skills. Serving his clients’ needs has ranged from resolving issue limited matters such as short-term marriages with no children to complex issues involving contested custody, distribution of substantial assets and claims against family businesses. Domestic violence cases may result in claims against a spouse for monetary damages.

I have represented clients in a variety of family law matters, including:

“I take all reasonable efforts to resolve issues by agreement through negotiated settlements, mediation, or arbitration. I strive to avoid expensive and lengthy litigation. Litigation is generally not cost-effective for clients and tends to break down personal relationships that have already suffered emotional damage, making future communication even more difficult. During divorce proceedings, I consider the best interests of children and encourage clients to shield their children from the legal process.”  Marc Chase